I want to tell your story.

Hi! I’m Alana Trachenko and this website is a little sample of what I do. I’m a Winnipeg writer, reporter and photographer, and I believe that telling stories is a powerful way to spread important messages and affect change. Since graduating from the University of Winnipeg in 2014, I have worked for a number of local publications as a reporter and editor. Photography has been part of my work as well as a self-taught hobby, and an area in which I hope to keep learning.

I’m interested in health and fitness, travel, music, podcasts, fashion, art and design, food, and enjoy reading fiction, nonfiction, memoirs and everything in between.

In the future I hope to travel and continue to develop skills in videography, documentary-making, communications, PR, portrait photography, creative writing and visual art.

I would love to hear from you. You can reach me by email at alana.trachenko@gmail.com