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Comedy set turned pizza eatery
Published in The Metro on July 29, 2016

A well-known storefront, which was often mistaken for a coffee shop because of its signage, was approved as the site of a new restaurant. An interview with the owners on their plans and a sneak peek at menu items.

New MRI facility in high demand
Published in The Metro on July 29, 2016

Wait times for MRIs are so high in Manitoba that those who can afford it will travel to the states. A West Winnipeg hospital opens the first MRI facility in a community hospital and, expecting to decrease wait times, sees a jump in the number of patients being recommended for procedures.

Safe spaces needed everywhere
Published in The Metro on July 29, 2016

West End neighbourhood association opens the first 24-hour youth safe space. An interview with the centre’s coordinator a month after opening, who says the high number of youth coming in show that this was something that was always needed, and still is throughout the city.

Gym stands in women’s centre’s corner
Published in The Metro on July 25, 2016

Local kickboxing gym geared towards women supports a women’s centre by encouraging newcomers. Student and communications manager says kickboxing is an excellent way for women to gain strength and confidence.

ISSA adapts to support Muslim families
Published in The Metro on July 18, 2016

A look at how a Muslim association is trying to build bridge between a variety of communities in the city, and how difficult it can be for local Muslims who are seen as extremists after terrorist attacks.

Bramwell field a community resource
Published in The Metro on July 4, 2016

Ground is broken to make improvements to a long-unused football field that has caused many lower body injuries in high school students and athletes.

Grade 7 class gets wheels rolling for refugee families
Published in The Metro on June 27, 2016

A class is moved to help a large, newly arrived refugee family in their neighbourhood and gets a local organization to donate. The family’s father is overwhelmed by the generosity.

Chapman principal: ‘This school was a gift’
Published in The Metro on June 21, 2016

Second World War-era elementary school is closed down after the last of its students transfer to larger schools. The principal and staff say a bittersweet goodbye to a well-loved institution.

Musician not wasting his ‘second chance’
Published in The Metro on June 21, 2016

Young musician doesn’t let a life-changing neurological injury keep him from his passion. Through hours and years of rehabilitation and practice, he is able to play professionally.

Mourning as a community
Published in The Metro on June 6, 2016

A heartbreaking display commemorates victims of domestic violence. Families of the victims and community leaders attend to pay their respects.