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Welcome home

We are almost done moving in to our new place by Osborne and Corydon and it’s like we’re on a different planet. While we’ve been happy enough over the last couple of weeks to hide away in our new two-bedroom apt., organizing things (which I love way, way too much), getting used to the gorgeous kitchen and commiserating about where to keep our pants, it is still summer, after all, and we had to venture out eventually.

Wow. I know people wax poetic about West Broadway, but I can tell you from experience that it has a dark, seedy underbelly. A checkered past, and present. Insert euphemism here. It has its redeeming qualities sure, but it’s not somewhere I would choose to live again. West Broadway is like the underdog you’re always cheering for and it does have a ton to offer when it comes to food, coffee and culture. If you feel like drinking a king can in an alley I can think of no better place than West Broadway, except maybe the Exchange District because there you can drink illegally amongst some really classy looking heritage buildings.

But for us at least, the stories are true. The crime, the bedbugs, and a vague sense of danger (maybe it was the drug house across the lane from us), we didn’t notice it until we left but it was a hard place to relax and recharge. It was a neighbourhood where you had to watch out, just a little, and that gets really tiring.

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We really picked the best time to get here because Corydon in the summer is one of my favourite things. People walking, bands playing in the streets, food and gelato everywhere. It has a kind of charm about it, I guess being Little Italy, it just feels like some other city. I can’t get over all the stairs and the brick walls covered in big, lush leaves and just that energy. In the evening, it’s all people who just finished work for the day (or if you’re a bartender, just started) and you can’t help but just feel a little lighter as you walk down the street. It seems like there are no happier people than those who have to work really hard before they have a drink.

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If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with plants, like any green leafy thing, I just want to be close to it. I can’t say I’m great taking care of them all the time, but that’s also because my cat likes to pull out the little ones and chew on them. It’s hard to come back from that. I spent my middle and high school years living in St. Andrews, which being a new development outside of the city, is a very flat, gray place. It’s just a big field with almost no trees and not a lot of other things.

I didn’t really expect that moving to Winnipeg I would suddenly be surrounded by big, old trees and Corydon is like a big tree haven in the middle of the city. If you walk down McMillan you’re pretty much in a forest with houses in it. And they really look like that: some of them are red and yellow, some are painted entirely blue, and they have random, whimsical decorations. There are bunnies everywhere like it’s a Disney movie.

The best part? Nucci’s Gelato makes the best pistachio gelato and it is a five minute walk from our place.

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